Meet the Smooth, Alternative Trio of Speak Easy Three

By Kelly Sabetta

Speak Easy Three is a band of three young guys (all the age of 23 by July) from Buffalo, NY who started playing music together since last year, having their first performance in September ‘09. The band consists of Clint Manning (vocals/guitars), Andy Reardon (bass), and Mike Ruben (drums). Their music – smooth, alternative, and carrying a positive note – has been spreading fast throughout the region.

“Our music is diverse and upbeat,” said Clint. “We classify ourselves as an alternative band, but our music combines influence from rock, blues, jazz, and pop.”

Throughout the past year, Speak Easy Three has performed at a number of venues in their hometown, and is now planning to expand their horizons. As the trio embarks on their first full tour, they will be performing throughout the summer to a stretch of venues along the East coast, from Upstate, NY all the way down to Orlando, Florida; all of which were booked by the band members themselves.

“We are excited to get on the road and bring our music to new locations and audiences,” said Clint. “We expect to build a lot of useful contacts, have a great time, and turn some heads away from home.”

With clever lyrics, catchy melodies, and an upbeat groove, the band is quickly moving forward and making a name for themselves. With contrasting, yet fun personalities, their styles combined form a bond that helps them propel forward.

“We have a good time and a strong connection. This comes out in our musical styles as each member brings a different mood and influence to our music. Combined, we offer a one-of-a-kind blend with a positive feeling,” said Clint.

Their one-of-a-kind sound is also the product of vast musical influences, as well as the feedback they receive from fans and other musicians.

“Some specific acts that have had a big effect include Led Zeppelin, Dave Grohl, Our Lady Peace, The Beatles, Dave Matthews, and an array of 90’s music that we were exposed to growing up. Music that carries heart, soul, and energy has affected us the most,” Clint continued. “The great feedback we’ve received from individuals about our CD and live performances has really inspired us. Many times people have made it clear that they’re really into our music, passed the standard respectful compliments. The music we play feels great amongst ourselves when we practice and seeing that people can relate really takes it to the next level.”

Their debut album, which features the music they’ve been receiving praise for, is called, “Would It Matter,” and was released March 26th, 2010. “We have received a lot of positive remarks from fans, other musicians, and people in the industry alike,” said Clint.

The album can be purchased from their Web site and their live performances, as well as iTunes, Amazon, and other Online retailers.

“Music is something that we plan on being involved with indefinitely,” said Clint. “It’s not just a hobby, its part of our lives. We are committed to taking our music as far as opportunity allows.

For more information about Speak Easy Three, please visit their Web site,, and check out their live performance at this year’s Canandaigua Art and Music Festival, Friday, June 16th, 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. on the Main Stage.