A “Menagerie” of Animals Join the Festival

Mobile Menagerie - Bunny

Lauren Celentano had so many animals in her care, and wanted so many more, that she knew she it was time to turn her passion for pets into a career. With her “Mobile Menagerie,” Lauren travels with her animals to public events, classroom visits, and private functions, sharing both her knowledge and her love of animals with the Rochester and surrounding area communities.

A long time animal lover, Lauren says many of her animals are rescue pets that needed a good home. She regularly works with Rochester Animal Services, and has provided a foster home to many local dogs in need in the past year and a half. Part of her mission with Mobile Menagerie is to educate current and future pet owners as to how they can help. She especially loves to share her work with children, who are both fascinated and curious about the animals she cares for and how to help out.

What animals are you bringing to the Festival this year?

It always depends on the individual animal that day, just in case they are having a bad day. Sometimes the corn snake is shedding, sometimes the bunny is grumpy and sometimes it is just too hot, it all depends. But I am hoping to bring one of my bunnies, two chickens, a chinchilla (new to the menagerie), a chameleon, two kinds of frogs, a box turtle, one of my Savannah monitors (a type of lizard), and the corn snake.

Is there anything kids should know when they approach an animal?

Always ask the owner and your guardian if it is safe, and never startle an animal. Make sure you are talking softly, never shouting, and never make sudden movements. I promise you are way scarier to the animal then they are to you. This goes for dogs, chickens, snakes, anything! Just because we condition animals for events, doesn’t mean they will act the same 100% of the time.

What is the number one question you get about your animals?

“Do you really own all of these animals?” Yes – I am crazy enough in love with all my animals to “own” them all. They come before me. I make sure they are fed and housed properly before I sit down to rest after my day jobs. My animals are so important to me, and I love answering questions about how you can own one yourself- but know they are all a lot of work individually and together.

What is your favorite animal?

I absolutely love horses. I can be having the worst day and would go visit the barn and would just feel right.  You cannot have problems on a horse- you have to concentrate. I do not have a horse of my own, yet, but I definitely plan on rescuing a few in the future.

What animals do you still hope to get?

One day I hope to own a toucan. I would also like to get a few other barn animals once I move to a large enough property. Right now I have a homestead where I can grow most of my own food and the animal feed (I love being as local and green as possible), but I can definitely seen room to expand my business and the animals I care for.

“I plan to continue to rescue and educate as many animals and people as I can through Mobile Menagerie’s extra funds. I hope to make Mobile Menagerie a full time venture in the future. I love Rochester and all of the people I have met in this area, who have made my business possible.”


E-Art Tie Dye: The Grateful Artist

E-Art Tie Dye is a husband and wife apparel company that has long been creating a strong presence in our festival, as well as many others.  Errett and Vanessa Brown will return to Canandaigua again this year, and we talked with them about their clothing art and what we can expect to see in July.

Errett Brown has been making his own tie-dyed products since 1987. Though E-Art sells most of their products online and at festivals these days, he started off in a very different scene in Tahoe, California.

“I wanted to go on tour with the Grateful dead [and] pay my way selling tie-dye shirts.”

Perhaps with one of the most interesting histories, Errett’s business would soon combine with his now-wife Vanessa’s tie-dying endeavors to break into a slightly different market.

Errett says that the combined company’s name, E-Art Tie Dye, is a secret clue having to do with the ‘E’. He  cryptically alludes to the fact that it has “something to do with more than one thing.” Perhaps anyone attending the Canandaigua Art and Music Festival this July could do some investigating.

Regardless of the mystery enshrouding the company’s name, Errett says that one of his favorite aspects of the Canandaigua festival is the great feedback and repeat customers who look for their booth each year.  Errett describes the clothing as “fun,” “bright,” and “unique,” which we agree has an eye-catching appeal.

Errett’s wife and business partner, Vanessa Brown, says that she gets the most positive feedback from mothers. They love the clothing because it is durable and their children love wearing it.  She asserts that the clothing stands up to hundreds of washes while still maintaining its appearance.  Even though children especially love the tie-dye, she says that she sees the same joy in customers of all ages.
“Our tie dye will help bring a smile to your face and a youthful fun feeling to your heart!”

For those who have not had the pleasure of seeing E-Art’s work yet, it offers bright and fun clothing in sizes and styles for all ages. Errett tells us to expect some new items and styles this summer, including new tie-dye dresses. If you want to get a sneak peek of what’s in store, stop by E-Art’s website.

For the Love of Family: Lizzy Candles

For the Love of Lizzy Candles, owned by Darcey Elias, will make its debut at this year’s Canandaigua Art and Music Festival.  With a recent move and new products, Darcey talked with us about what we can expect in July.

The company’s name comes from Darcey’s eldest daughter, Lizzy, and the name for her new line of soy-based  candles (“Blondies…by Olivia Grace”) comes from her second daughter, Olivia.  Both namesakes are a testament to why Darcey started the business in the first place:  to spend more time with her children.

“Our business name, For the Love of Lizzy Candles, was inspired by the birth of our daughter Elizabeth in 2001. I started the business out of my love for her and as a way to spend more time with her so it seemed like the perfect name!”

Darcey began making candles ten years ago as a hobby, but through the interest and support of friends and family, she turned it into a business.  At first, she sold her candles at the local farmer’s market, which she says gave her the opportunity to connect with other business-owners and customers alike.  After a few years of going to market, Darcey opened a mall store in Elmira, and has recently moved to Canandaigua.

“I really credit that venue for creating my local presence in our community and our initial success! It gave me the opportunity to meet fellow business owners and customers and collaborate with them.”


Darcey’s candles are all hand-poured in signature glass jars, with a dash of dazzle dust on top for “that extra special touch”.  She makes candles in all shapes and sizes of jars and tins, as well as favors for parties and weddings, and themed gift sets.  It’s no surprise that her most popular gift set is called the “Wine Lover’s” set that includes an assortment of the best-selling aromas inspired by fine wine: Cabernet, Merlot, Shiraz and Grape Vineyard.

Aside from her candle business and her time spent with family and friends, Darcy tells us that she has a strong interest in the humanities.

“I am very passionate about helping others. I am a strong advocate for people with disabilities and the poor. I am constantly looking for ways to incorporate my passion for helping others into my business.”

She tells us that festival-goers can expect a wide range of high-quality and hand-poured candles in fantastic scents and “hopefully lots of noses in jars having fun smelling the aromas!”  You can see and purchase For the Love of Lizzy candles during the 2012 Festival from July 13-15, on their website or at ARTIQUES at 37 South Main Street in downtown Canandaigua.

“Wah-Say-Lan” – Through the eyes of a Seneca



James Herbert Smith creates historical fiction by looking through the eyes of a young Seneca woman during the Revolutionary war.

When did you decide you wanted to publish a book?

After I read “Old Yeller” in 4th grade. I tried when I was 25 then I tried and succeeded when I was 53, though it took me 10 years to complete it.

What was your inspiration for the story?

We spent time every summer on Canandaigua Lake. As a boy I listened to my grandmother, aunts and uncles talk about the Seneca Indians on the lake. I day dreamed about how silent it must have been back then, just the lapping of their canoe paddles in the water. So the lake itself is my inspiration.

In your own words what are the book’s main themes?

It is a true story with fictional characters told from the Native American point of view through the eyes of a 17-year-old Seneca woman — Wah-Say-Lan — about how her people had lived on Canandaigua for eons but their life is about to be turned upside down. Through Jamwesaw, a slave fighting for his freedom in the Continental Army, the story also examines the contradiction of the Founding Fathers birthing a nation based on freedom and independence, yet many of them were slave owners. Jefferson and Washington are key characters in the book. There are lessons, but fundamentally it is a love story and an adventure story that readers tell me holds their interest.

How did it feel to write in the voice of your main character, Wah-Say-Lan?

She is a young, smart, strong, independent woman. I raised four young, smart, strong, independent daughters and so I had good role models for my character. I worried sometimes that I wasn’t smart enough to keep up with Wah-Say-Lan. That was a challenge.

Which character from the story do you identify with most?

That’s a tough question. One reviewer wondered aloud that Jamwesaw is similar to my own name. He is unquestionably the most noble character in the book — vowing to find and free his mother from slavery, willing to entirely change his life because of his love for Wah-Say-Lan. When you create characters (and have them interact with real historical figures) you really get inside their heads; and so I think I’d have to say that I identify with Wah-Say-Lan as much as with Jamwesaw.

What was the best part of writing this book and what was the most challenging?

The best part was finishing it and getting it published. My B.A. from SUNY Brockport is in American History and there are seven pages of bibliography and so the research was challenging, yet also a marvelous trip into Iroquois and American Revolutionary War scholarship. There is an awful lot of excellent scholarship on the Six Nations of the Iroquois, but not a lot of fiction. Creating the story and seeing people turn the page to see what is happening next is the most satisfying feeling.

“Wah-Say-Lan” is available through NH Booksellers for $19.95
Purchase the book here -bring your questions and your copy to be signed at the festival!

Perfect Pleasures, Whimsical Creatures for the Garden

John Kavosick can barely keep up with business these days.  His business, Perfect Pleasures, has taken wings.  And it’s no wonder!  With the adorable ladybugs, mosquitos and dragonflies in his collection, his business should take off!

dragon fly

John works out of a van crafting these whimsical little creatures of copper and brass.  He creates the dies which he uses to make  the ornaments and he hand cuts the wings.   He then paints them, using an airbrush.

“Their legs are chimes which dangle down so when a breeze blows, you’ll hear them chiming throughout your garden,” shared John.


In addition to the bugs, John also has cats and dogs in his collection.  Each of the creatures, which are all about 3″ x 4″,  comes on a metal post to stick in the ground so they can be displayed throughout the garden,  along a walkway or any place you’d like to add a sense of whimsy!

“My ornaments aren’t made out of plastic, like many garden ornaments.  They’re carefully crafted out of metal, so they’ll last for years!”

Hop on down to visit John Kavosick and Perfect Pleasures at the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival from July 17-19, 2009.

Pat’s Crystal Nail Files – Great Designs, Smooth Lines

Pat Hostetter first began painting crystal nail files six years ago after seeing them at a craft show.

Many flower designs are available

Many floral designs are available

“She loved the nail files, but didn’t like any of the designs, so she decided to start painting her own,” laughs her son Shane, who also works in the business with her.  Together, they exhibit Pat’s Crystal Nail Files at more than 100 shows each year from as far south as South Carolina to as far north as Massachusetts.

angelset“We import the blank files from the Czech Republic where they’re created through a special acid-dipping process, and then my Mother hand paints each crystal nail file using small brushes, so each one is unique.”

Pat has a wide assortment of popular designs and she also does custom work, painting logos for businesses, sports teams and colleges as well as peoples’ names on the nail files.

“We guarantee that the crystal nail files will never wear out or get dull.  Bacteria will not build up on them and  they won’t rip up your nails like other files. People try our nail files and they’re sold on them!”

The crystal nail files can be purchased individually, or in a set that includes a  3 1/2″ travel size, a 5 1/2″ manicure file and a 7 1/2″ pedicure file that works great to smooth calluses.

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Shane Hostetter who’ll be exhibiting a large assortment of Pat’s Crystal Nail Files at the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival!