Jen’s Magnetic Connections, Jewelry for Holistic Health

Jennifer Kessel recalls her childhood love of making jewelry.  She was a frequent customer of the beading store in Fairport, the town where she has just moved her business.

Jen's Magnetic Connections Jewelry can be custom designed in any colors or sizes

Jen's Magnetic Connections Jewelry can be custom designed in any colors or sizes

Today, she has turned that love of beading and jewelry into Jen’s Magnetic Connections, a business that thrives on the ancient practice of using magnets in a therapeutic and holistic approach to health management.

“Some people are surprised that we have such a beatiful assortment of bead designs for both women and men.  We can use a wide assortment of beads because the magnetic power comes from the closure, not the beads.  Depending on whether you go with a single or double strand, the measurement of magnetic strength is either 7000 or 1400 gauss.  If you purchase a piece in a store, it’s usually between 1500 and 2000 gauss, which is not strong enough to help most people.”

Jen and her staff work onsite at the shows and will custom design pieces for the purchaser.  When asked about her most unusual request, she laughed, “I was called by the owner of a horse that was injured.  I made a double strand cuff for it and they wrapped it around the horse’s leg.  I wasn’t sure it would work, but two days later, they called to say they’d already seen an amazing difference!”

Jennifer at work

Jennifer at work

“Our products are a non-chemical, non-invasive approach to wellness and pain management.  Most people  experience relief in 3 to 5 days although for some, it’s a couple of hours and for others, it can be longer.”

The Canandiagua Art & Music Festival looks forward to having Jen’s Magnetic Connections in the festival!


Finger Lakes Jewelry, Art Born of the Earth

Peggy Fusco always loved making jewelry and turned out more marvelous pieces for herself and her 5 sisters than they could all possibly wear, so she began selling her creations.

green stripes

“I don’t have a website,” explained Peggy. “I teach full-time and this is my relaxation – I do it for the love of the craft.”

Part of what makes Peggy’s jewelry so distinctive is that she incorporates Kazuri beads, a Fair Trade handmade bead created from the clay found in Mt. Kenya.   She is known for the  fascinating color combinations and textures in her designs, which are created by mixing Kazari beads among gold, silver and gems.

Peggy working

“I teach Earth Science at the Middle School in Canandaigua, and it’s so much fun to share my love of rocks and gems with the students.  When I can bring a piece of jewelry in to share that’s made out of the stones we’re studying in class, it brings Science to life!”

Even if you don’t have 5 sisters who might enjoy Peggy’s work, stop by her booth at the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival and treat yourself or your friends to a piece of Finger Lakes Jewelry, Art born of the earth!

Log Lamps, Award-winning Woodworking

What began as a way to cut costs in a middle school woodworking shop class turned into a profitable hobby for Michael Tari, entrepreneur and artisan behind Log Lamps, a woodworking company that will appear in the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival.

Hickory Lamp

Hickory Lamp

“I taught in Sodus and we were short on funding during the 70’s, so I had the kids bring in fire wood which I taught them how to turn on the lathe to create wooden lamp bases.  One seventh grader’s parents were getting divorced and his father took the lamp.  Then the Grandmother took it from the father.  Next thing you know, they’re in court over the lamp.  I thought, ‘If they’re going to court over one of these lamps, there must be a business in this!’ ” laughed Michael.

Today, in addition to the log lamps which all have 3-way outlets, he also creates beautiful waterproof bowls that need no care for life.  He fashions these items out of standard woods as well as exotics such as plum, cherry, apricot, red oak and birds eye red oak.

Bocoti, bloodwood & walnut salad bowl

Bocoti, bloodwood & walnut salad bowl

Michael sells his products primarily at festivals throughout New York State and can proudly claim having won “Best in Category” at the Naples Grape Festival in 2008.

The Canandaigua Art & Music Festival looks forward to welcoming Michael Tari and Log Lamps to the show.

Blossoms Be Jeweled, Nature’s Beauty to Wear

Not everyone can say they pick flowers for a living, but that’s exactly what Kimberly Sigfried does, or at least part of it.

As a single mother, Kimberly was looking for a way to give up her corporate job and work from home.  She was living in Baltimore, MD when her Mother excitedly called to tell her that a space had opened up at the Windmill, a popular Amish Market in Penn Yan, NY.

Kim moved to New York State and began selling  handmade jewelry, crafted from real flowers.

Daisy in a Sterling Silver Setting

Daisy in a Sterling Silver Setting

“I love what I do!  I just finished picking my entire supply of daisies for the year.  If I’d waited longer, they’d have been too big.   Last week, I picked more than 1000 Forget-me-nots,” she laughed. 

Most of the flowers are grown in her own garden.  She carefully dries them  so they retain their natural beauty and color and then seals them in liquid to create stunning jewelry.

Alyssum in a Sterling Cuff bracelet

Alyssum in a Sterling Cuff bracelet

In addition to the daisies and forget-me-nots, alyssum, queen anne’s lace, and even Finger Lakes grapes also find their way into her lovely designs, showcased in fine quality sterling silver, silvertone, brass and gold settings. 

Be sure to stop by Kim’s booth at the  Canandaigua Art & Music Festival to say hello and consider what a lovely gift her jewelry would make for yourself or someone you love.

Gourmet Creations, Making Dining Memorable

Stacie Bourne and her Mother Charlotte began creating gourmet dips, dessert mixes and olive oil blends out of necessity. 

“We like to cook gourmet dinners, and we found we didn’t care for a lot of the dips we could buy, or we were allergic, so we started creating our own,” explained Stacie. 

Olive Oil Blends delight the palate

Olive Oil Blends delight the palate

That’s how Gourmet Creations was born.  Stacie and Charlotte started small, preparing products from herbs and selling them at flea markets.  Soon, they expanded their product line to incorporate suggestions from people they met.  Now their business has grown so much that they have assistance mixing and packaging the herbs.

More than 30 different dessert mixes, some sugar-free

More than 30 different dessert mixes, some sugar-free

“Most of our products are sold at craft shows or through our internet business, which has really grown.  People love our products for fundraising events too.  A number of our clients buy the products at wholesale and sell it in gourmet, gift and specialty shops.”

When asked about their top seller, Stacie responded, “Definitely the Roasted Garlic and Herb Olive Oil Blend!  We package the perfect combination of herbs together, so all you do is add olive oil.  That’s part of the reason we’ve been so successful – people are looking for fast and easy ways to create delicious meals.”   

Stacie and Charlotte Bourne invite you to stop by the Gourmet Creations booth at the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival.

Dianne Dengel, Art that Makes You Smile

Dianne Dengel’s Mother noticed Dianne’s artistic talent when she was only three years old. 

Her mother worked at Edwards Department Store and, although the family had little money, she encouraged her daughter’s love of drawing people by bringing home the cardboard from shirt boxes that would have been discarded.

Market Time, by Dianne Dengel

Market Time, by Dianne Dengel

“I had two college scholarships, but in those days, they expected all artists to be teachers.  I wanted to be an artist.  So I opened a tiny shop on South Avenue where I drew portraits for $1.50.  I have no idea how I made ends meet,” she laughs.

Dianne’s break came in 1984 when  TV personality Mr. Rogers came to Rochester to do a show about Dianne and her work.  Each year, he rebroadcast the show, which brought Dianne recognition and orders for her one-of-a-kind paintings, portraits and dolls.  Her works are favored pieces in many private collections, including that of Oprah Winfrey.

Art Class Dolls, by Dianne Dengel

Art Class Dolls, by Dianne Dengel

“I’ve been an artist for 52 years, and hope to keep creating for many more years,” shared Dianne.

Dianne is known for her whimsical, loveable characters, so full of life and joy.  You can watch Dianne work at her booth at the Downtown Canandaigua Art & Music Festival where you’ll also also be able view and purchase her paintings and dolls.

Photos courtesy of Dianne Dengel.

History of the Canandiagua Art and Music Festival

Each summer, Canandaigua residents look forward to the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival, started over 20 years ago by the Canandaigua Business Improvement District (BID) .

Nicole handles BID's events and marketing

Nicole handles BID's events and marketing

To establish the event as one of Canandaigua’s premier festivals,  BID brought it in-house and hired seasoned event organizer and marketer Nicole Mahoney to run it.  Nicole also handles marketing, events, merchant liaison and promotion of the Business Improvement District.

Nicole began her career out of high school when she went to work for her father’s business, Roc Communications Car Stereo on West Ridge Road  in Rochester. 

“I discovered I really enjoyed event planning.  I organized in-car stereo competitions called ‘Sound Offs,’  where car stereos are tested for sound, installation and decibel level.”

From there, Nicole worked with Beau Productions, organizing Rochester’s Annual Air Show, the Charlotte Carousel and Harbor Festival,   Rochester’s Lilac Festival and other events.   She  rose to Executive Director at Beau Productions.

About the time her first daughter was born – she has four, ranging in age from 7 months to 10 years old – she decided to do freelance event management.

She had such success working with Canandaigua’s Business Improvement District on a freelance basis, they hired her and, in 2006, she took over organizing the Annual Canandaigua Art & Music Festival. 

New developments have made the festival spectacularly popular

New developments have made the festival spectacularly popular

Today, the Art & Music Festival is one of Canandaigua’s most popular events.

“We’ve really enhanced the festival and it now focuses only on Downtown Canandaigua.  We get between 100 and 150 exhibitors,  Our art show is now juried which has really raised the quality.  Jury members review the applications looking for variety in the work as well as the price points.

“One thing we’ve done to differentiate ourselves from other shows is to bring in music  hired by a talent agency.  We get some terrific performing artists!

“And It’s very family-friendly.   We have the Kids Korridor with a performance stage and lots of activities.  Each year it changes, and we’ve offered everything from a petting zoo and face painting to an interactive music program offered by Hochstein.”

The Canandaigua Art & Music Festival is free to attendees so it draws a great crowd!