Pat’s Crystal Nail Files – Great Designs, Smooth Lines

Pat Hostetter first began painting crystal nail files six years ago after seeing them at a craft show.

Many flower designs are available

Many floral designs are available

“She loved the nail files, but didn’t like any of the designs, so she decided to start painting her own,” laughs her son Shane, who also works in the business with her.  Together, they exhibit Pat’s Crystal Nail Files at more than 100 shows each year from as far south as South Carolina to as far north as Massachusetts.

angelset“We import the blank files from the Czech Republic where they’re created through a special acid-dipping process, and then my Mother hand paints each crystal nail file using small brushes, so each one is unique.”

Pat has a wide assortment of popular designs and she also does custom work, painting logos for businesses, sports teams and colleges as well as peoples’ names on the nail files.

“We guarantee that the crystal nail files will never wear out or get dull.  Bacteria will not build up on them and  they won’t rip up your nails like other files. People try our nail files and they’re sold on them!”

The crystal nail files can be purchased individually, or in a set that includes a  3 1/2″ travel size, a 5 1/2″ manicure file and a 7 1/2″ pedicure file that works great to smooth calluses.

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Shane Hostetter who’ll be exhibiting a large assortment of Pat’s Crystal Nail Files at the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival!