Lake Effect – All Music, No Instruments

By Kelly Sabetta

Lake Effect is an all-male professional a cappella group made up of five guys from Western, NY who love to create music without the use of any instruments.

“We’ll mimic instruments and drums to make the song sound like what you commonly hear, but it’s all just our voices,” said Ron Veiders.

The groups’ members include Ron Veiders (baritone), Jamie Holden (tenor), Matthew Sciara (bass), Lou Shafer (tenor/vocal percussion), and Jeff Trenchard (tenor).

“Most of us have been doing music all our lives,” said Ron. “The five of us have all been singers in numerous choruses, choirs, a cappella, and solo acts. Four of us have degrees in Music, and three of us are music teachers in area schools,” he continued. “So, in essence, it’s not just about being musical artists, it’s the fact that we enjoy music so much that it’s part of our work, as well as our fun. This group is the fun side.”

The group members of Lake Effect started pursuing their passion together in 2003.

“From a group standpoint, we started as another rendition of ten men,” said Ron. “It was very difficult to find the right people, the right voices, and honestly, the same time of availability! After a couple years, we disbanded and reformed to our present size of five.  It took a few goes at who was able to fill the spots, but right now we are the best we’ve ever been. We truly enjoy singing with one another. We get along great, and we just plain have fun doing what we do.”

The band, who not only performs cover tunes of popular songs and artists, also writes their own original music, as well.

“We are in the process of making a full-length debut album,” said Ron, which is expected to be released by the end of this year. When their new album is completed, they plan to have it available for download, as well as Online purchases. They also provide a five-song demo disc at all of their live performances for fans to purchase.

Also in the works, Lake Affect plans to host the 2011 ICCA (International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella) in January, re-audition for the Sing Off in the future, as well as enter themselves into the Harmony Sweepstakes Competition in April of 2011. “Other than that, we are striving to establish & make ourselves known around the WNY region as THE premiere all-male a cappella group in the area.,” said Ron.

As far as their performance at this year’s Canandaigua Art and Music Festival, they plan to deliver music that everyone has heard and loved throughout the years, but providing it in a new and unique way.

“I think our unique sound – non-instrument, no back-up recordings, and just voice – will stand out,” said Ron. “I think our fun and exuberance on stage will draw the audience in closer. Being five guys with only microphones; I think it speaks for itself.”

To hear their premier sound, you can visit their Web site,, or experience them live on Sunday, July 18th, 12:00 – 1 p.m., on the Commons Park Stage.