String Theory, for Foot-tappin’ Festival Fun

String Theory is probably one of the most diversified musical groups you’ll ever hear. 


They are best known for their lively and captivating Bluegrass, but their reportoire  also includes everything from Gospel to Metallica and from the Beatles to the Rolling Stones.  Oh, and let’s not forget to add in Classical music, just for good measure.

String Theory has been performing together for about six years and includes A.J. Noto on Bass Fiddle, Jim Barbero on vocals and mandolin, Terry Kedley on guitar, dobro and vocals and Mike Kedley on banjo, guitar, fiddle and vocals.

During the winter months, the group “holds court” on Tuesdays from 7-10 P.M. at Johny’s Irish Pub in Rochester, NY where they host the Bluegrass Open  that attracts both regulars and newcomers who show up to jam.

But this talented quartet is as comfortable playing at festivals and weddings as they are at Irish Pubs.

“We get hired for a lot of weddings because, as a string quartet, we can play classical music for the wedding, switch to fiddle ballads and waltzes for cocktails when the bride and groom are having photos taken, and then play a combination of bluegrass, popular tunes and dance music for the reception.”

 You can catch the fun and foot-tapping tunes of String Theory at the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival at 1 P.M. on Friday, July 17.