Jack Swift, a Band of Epic Talent

Jack Swift just returned from  their 19 city, 4 state “You Don’t Know Jack” tour that took them through the Northeast and returned them home in time to play the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival.


“The tour was amazing!” said JC  Mothersell. “We had some great shows!  One of our best was right here in Rochester at the Lovin’ Cup.”

The group that toured includes Ben Sheron (bassist), Jeremiah “JC” Mothersell (vocals, guitars and harmonica), Chris Daniels (drums), Darryle Brown (alto saxophone) and Pat McDermott (keyboard). Tom Ward (trumpet) is also part of the band, but is on temporary leave.

During the tour, the group wrote their first totally collaborative piece.

“We stopped at a Walmart and Ben noticed an ice machine.  When he got back to where we were staying, he started playing this bluesy funk that we all got into and he said, ‘I wanna call this Ice Machine.’  Then Darryle came up with some verses, I threw in the chorus and Chris added the groove.  It’s about a woman who’s cold and unfeeling, like an ice queen.”

The members of Jack Swift write almost all of their own music.  They are known as a jam band and have been compared to Blues Traveler as well as Dave Matthews because of their heavy use of improvization and horns.

“We’re a jam band with structure,” explained JC.  “We write story-like lyrics with a plot, a climax and characters and then we do improv solos around the framework.  We have two pieces right now that we call our ‘Epics’ — stories put to music that are about 8 minutes each.”

You can catch Jack Swift jammin’ at the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival on Sunday, July 19 at 12 Noon.