Music of the CAMF 2014: Earth Science

We are enthralled to introduce an upcoming Jazz ensemble from the Eastman School of Music to the Canandaigua Art and Music Festival. They have performed various events in the Rochester area, including the recent Rochester International Jazz Festival. Earth Science consists of Andrew Links (pianist), Brandon Choi (trumpeter), Tyrone Allen (bass), Aaron Staebell (drums) and Wendy Eisenberg (guitar). The band plays different dialects of jazz; from post jazz to experimental, and they draw inspirations from other genres of music. We got to talk to Wendy, the lead guitarist and head honcho of the band. She tells us that she came up with the band because:

In high school my boyfriend was in the Earth Science class while I took physics and I was always really jealous, because they got to travel to places around Maryland (where I grew up) and look deeply at the flora and rocks and land formations and just be curious, while the physics kids were mostly stuck indoors.


Though the explanation was back in time, she continues that the name of the band is based on her exploration point as a musician and the name seemed fitting. The band was formed for her senior jazz guitar recital in Eastman and a collaboration with Aaron Staebell; who is an accomplished jazz drummer in Rochester and in various parts of the country.

Many of Wendy’s inspirations are drawn from poetry and she relies on the mood and emotional tact from these pieces to inspire her intricate composition choices. The band’s philosophy is summed up by one of her compositions titled “You Go By The Rules But The Rules Don’t Matter,” inspired from a John Berryman poem and is one of Wendy’s compositions. The band also draws inspiration from the likes of Miles Davis, Fiona Apple and Jimi Hendrix.

Festival goers should expect some interesting new sounds from this upcoming jazz band and are encouraged to enjoy this “experimental” style of jazz. Do not miss class and watch Earth Science perform Friday 18th July at 3:45PM at the Commons Park Main Stage.