Sticky Sweet (& Salty): B&B Kettle Korn

KettlekornB&B Kettle Korn makes one of those festival treats you just can’t resist. Unless you have a kettle at home, you can’t get that mix of sugar, salt, oil and gourmet corn any time but summer time.

Flavor Profile: B&B’s flavor profile is sweet and salty – their kettle korn is a balanced mixture of oil, salt, sugar, and gourmet mushroom corn.  That’s a special kind of popping corn you can’t find at the grocery store. Fresh-squeezed lemonade  helps wash down the delectable corn.

Buy it Before it Sells Out: Flavored Kettle Korn. B&B hasn’t decided yet what their special flavor will be yet for the festival, but we can guarantee it will sell out fast. Some of the special flavors they make are:

  • Caramel
  • Caramel Apple
  • Pink Vanilla
  • Stars and Stripes (a mix of cherry, blue raspberry, and original flavors)

kettle-cornB&B’s Favorite: Caramel Apple because it smells amazing and the contrast of colors makes it a crowd pleaser.

The Secret: Great kettle korn takes a delicate balance of oil, corn, sugar, and salt.  Staying precise with their measurements gives B&B the reputation of having some of the best Kettle Korn around.