CFN: 5 guys who make beautiful music together

Clearly from Negligence is a pop group of 5 guys who draw their inspiration not only from classic pop bands, but also from Rochester’s music scene, and they are on their way to becoming a national hit. Check them out at Commons Park Stage Friday, July 15 (2011) at 1:45pm.








How did you get your start in music and what do you play?
All the guys were into music at a young age. That has continued into high school.
Alex plays drums and a bit of guitar, and he’s been working on the bongos lately for some of our acoustic endeavors.
Luke plays sax in the school band, plus guitar, songwriting and vocals for CFN.
Marc plays violin in the school orchestra, plus guitar in the school’s jazz band.
Danny plays sax in the school jazz band and for CFN, plus he’s a monster on keys, and now he’s playing some guitar, too.
Ryan is going to take his bass talents all the way to Eastman school of music next year, where he’ll play double bass, just like he did in high school orchestra and for Rochester Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Of course, he handles the bass work for CFN.

How would you describe your music?
Our sound is straight pop, drawing inspiration from The Beatles, Coldplay, Keane, Arcade Fire …

Where is your music featured and sold?
You can find all of our music and some video on our website: Our CD and singles are available on our site and via iTunes for download. We also have some t-shirts on our site. You can find the CD at House of Guitars and Record Archive in Rochester, NY.

What feedback have you received from showcasing your music and performances?
Having been named one of the Top Ten Teen Bands in the country by SchoolJam USA and invited to play at Disney this year has probably been our most noteworthy accolade. However, we’ve won a lot of battles of bands, been invited to play live on a number of radio programs, and Rochester’s Democrat & Chronicle featured us recently. However, the best feedback is when we hear from new fans who have stumbled upon us and write to tell us how much they appreciate our music. That’s always the best feedback.

What has inspired you the most and why?
Being from a music town like Rochester, it’s inspiring to have so many people in the community who are musicians, or who have an appreciation for music and actively seek out new listening experiences. That makes for a vibrant music community, and it makes us want to be a contributing part of it.

What are you working on now?
We just got out of the studio at the House of Guitars, where Bruce generously donated time and space, and with his encouragement we’re releasing a new single soon. We collaborated with a producer, Sam Conjerti, at Bruce’s urging to create a song that’s a bit edgier for us but maintains the pop hook and sensibilities we love. We’re very excited about this song, and we hope our fans are, too. Stay tuned …

What will you bring to the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival?
We will bring youthful exuberance matured with age … whatever the heck that means. We’re still kids, but we think we’ve got a pretty well-honed sound.

What can we expect from your performance this year?
From our live performances, fans should expect our best effort to give them a great musical experience. Of course, it’ll help if they’ve got a funnel-cake with a lot of sugar on it!

What is one thing people don’t already know about you?
is an emerging magician and recently joined the Sea Cadets.
Luke is a baseball pitcher and had the lead in the high school musical.
Marc is a skateboard instructor.
Danny plays about 6 different instruments.
Ryan will attend Eastman School of Music to perfect the double bass, and he also performs some solo acoustic guitar regularly.
So, we’re an eclectic mix of guys, who play beautiful music together . . . we hope.