Kristen Maxfield Performs ‘Timeless’ Melodies

By Kelly Sabetta

Kristen Maxfield is well-known for her old-school R&B sound, which encompasses elements of Motown Soul, ‘70s funk, modern hip-hop, and classic songwriting at its best. After living and performing in New York City for three years, Kristen is back in Rochester to take the music scene by storm.

Kristen, who has always known that she wanted to be a performer, feels that her family helped spark her passion for the business. “I believe growing up in a very talented family, surrounded by music and all of the arts for that matter, is what really pushed me to believe that I could in fact be successful as an artist,” she said.

“I began writing music when I was in sixth grade and continued to do so throughout high school and college which has lead me to where I am now,” Kristen continued.

Her hard work continues to pay off, as Kristen’s music has been featured on many Rochester radio stations, including 98.9 the Buzz and 95.1 the Fox; as well as stations throughout London and Spain.

Kristen’s first album, “Whatcha Waitin’ For?” was released in 2009, and continues to be well-received by fans.

“I believe the latest comment I received is that my music is ‘timeless.’ I don’t think it gets any better then that,” she said.

Kristen shared that she is most inspired by life’s ups and downs. “The challenges I have had to face, the joys of my success’s, and the curiosity and not knowing of where my music will take me in my life,” said Kristen. “All of that causes me to not be afraid to open many doors and see what’s there on the other side.”

She does, however, wants people to know that it also hasn’t been an easy ride. “In fact at times it has been a very scary adventure but they, ‘the fans,’ are the reason I am here,” she said. “They have been my support and have given me the strength to believe in myself and move forward and for that I have them to thank.”

As she continues to perform and evolve as an artist, Kristen is in the process of writing her next album, which is scheduled to be released next summer. “I wanted to take more time to really dig in and develop the music with my band and with myself,” said Kristen.  “I want to be able to give my fans the best and so with in taking more time I hope to deliver that to them.”

Kristen’s work is currently being featured and sold on iTunes, CD Baby, Record Archive in Rochester, Mobile Music in Canandaigua, and is also available at all performances.

Kristen will be performing at this year’s Canandaigua Art and Music Festival, Sunday, July 18th, 5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. on the Commons Park Stage.


Canandaigua Art & Music Festival

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