Finger Lakes Jewelry, Art Born of the Earth

Peggy Fusco always loved making jewelry and turned out more marvelous pieces for herself and her 5 sisters than they could all possibly wear, so she began selling her creations.

green stripes

“I don’t have a website,” explained Peggy. “I teach full-time and this is my relaxation – I do it for the love of the craft.”

Part of what makes Peggy’s jewelry so distinctive is that she incorporates Kazuri beads, a Fair Trade handmade bead created from the clay found in Mt. Kenya.   She is known for the  fascinating color combinations and textures in her designs, which are created by mixing Kazari beads among gold, silver and gems.

Peggy working

“I teach Earth Science at the Middle School in Canandaigua, and it’s so much fun to share my love of rocks and gems with the students.  When I can bring a piece of jewelry in to share that’s made out of the stones we’re studying in class, it brings Science to life!”

Even if you don’t have 5 sisters who might enjoy Peggy’s work, stop by her booth at the Canandaigua Art & Music Festival and treat yourself or your friends to a piece of Finger Lakes Jewelry, Art born of the earth!


One thought on “Finger Lakes Jewelry, Art Born of the Earth

  1. Are you going to be at any craft shows between now and end of year.
    I saw your jewelry today at Christkindl and meet your daughter.
    There was a necklace I liked and would like but was unable to purchase today.
    Maureen Baisch

Canandaigua Art & Music Festival

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